Choosing a Cutting-Off Machine

Choosing a Cutting-Off Machine


A cutting-off machine is a tool that enables users to cut various materials. During the process, it generates a stream of coolant, which removes debris from the workpiece and keeps the operator safe. It also helps eliminate the risk of sparks.

The power of the motor is important when it comes to choosing a cut-off machine. For instance, a cutting-off machine that has a high-speed electric motor can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, as well as to increase production and speed up cycle times. This type of machine is also suitable for variable length material.

Depending on the specifications, the cutting-off machine may have an adjustable fence, which allows the user to accurately cut a wide range of materials. Furthermore, this type of machine is lightweight and highly durable. Also, it can be operated at speeds up to 3900 RPM. These characteristics make this type of cutting-off machine very useful. In addition, the interface of the machine uses a 5.7″ touch screen.

Some of the features of this type of cut-off machine include automatic wheel feed, a patented system of horizontal hold-down devices, a cutting-off rate control, and an adjustable safety control means. Another feature of the machine is a specialized industrial label printer, which allows users to identify the cut profile.

Another option available for the cut-off machine is a pneumatic feed unit, which is controlled by a rotary knob. Dill sharpener This feature is especially useful in cases where an abrasive cutting disc is used. As with the hydraulic feed unit, the rotary knob can be fitted with an extra vice to immobilize the residual profile.

Compared to the other types of cutting-off machines, the pneumatic model is particularly suitable for handling variable length material. Moreover, the cutting-off speed is fast, which enables users to make a cutting cycle in just two seconds. Other benefits of this type of cut-off machine are its versatility and the ease of maintenance. Among other features, it is also equipped with a planetary gearbox and a precision encoder.

Additionally, the user can adjust the height of the openings by using the upwardly movable doors. These doors are located on the opposite sides of the housing. Alternatively, removable panels can be mounted in the interior of the housing.

To prevent the disintegration of the cutting disc, an enlarged hole is formed through the top surface of the housing at one end of the slot. Throughout the machining zone, there are two guards automatically placed. One of these is made of scratch-proof polycarbonate, while the other is made of steel.

Despite its performance output, this model of cut-off machine has a low emission level. In addition, the machine has an intuitive control panel. This allows the user to set up the optimum cutting schedule for the job. Moreover, an adjustable length stop with vernier scale enables quick setup and maximum repeat accuracy. Lastly, the machine features an adjustable cutting-off rate control, which lets the user select the optimum rate at which the cutting-off disc is raised and lowered through the workpiece.